How to get what you want, easily


As promised, this is an introduction to another tool that has helped me in the process of manifestation.

This post is for anyone who is interested in calling forth something new, and anyone who is wondering about what it takes to evoke a mindset that shifts the realization of our goals out of the “striving” world and into the “effortless creation” world.


I have another movie that I call “tools.” Within it, I placed a series of prompts and questions within which I remind myself of the most potent learning experiences I have had in my life.

Somehow, through the process of creating this movie, I have sequenced things in a way that prepare me for what is probably the most pivotal question I will ask myself. “Would you be willing to take full responsibility for your life?”

In working with Diana Chapman, I was able to provide an authentic “yes” response to this question once or twice.. and the feeling of this was really energizing. Also, during my initiation into manhood I experienced this and the feeling stayed with me for a short while.

Getting to a “yes” which is authentic is important here, and I needed to learn how to discern when I am lying to myself in order to accurately assess where I am at. This learning came from tuning into my bodies wisdom, as in the practice of “muscle testing.”

Anyway, somehow this series of prompts has prepared me, and for the past week I have started almost every day with the experience of choosing, authentically, to own my capacity to create that which I am choosing.

There are other aspects to the tools practice that are useful, and I integrate the releasing of attachments and stuck energy, chi gung (as of today), the sedona method, tools for energetic awareness (as in tantra yoga and pleiadian lightwork), and practices from a Zen/Gestalt practice by Genpo Roshi in this morning ritual.

Also, after expanding my perspective to one in which I am able to witness my “self,” the relationships that I am intertwined with, and my way of being in the world, I take a look at my personal visions for love, for relating to money, and for my invocation. As in the practice of appreciative inquiry, I expand the scope of those visions.

I want to say that all of these pieces of the puzzle are essential to its magic, and in a way, they probably are. I am finally ready to start sharing these tools, and given that they were made specifically for me, they may not be completely understandable at first glance to a new observer.

I will be posting these videos online soon, and will let you know when they are up. They are really, really close to my heart and its quite a stretch to reveal them, but to me, it seems essential that I share that which I am learning with others because It has been so effective for me.

It seems that some training in the tools that I have drawn from will be supportive for folks who want to maximize the value that they will be able to get from these videos, and I am open to offering that up. As a matter of fact, in response to a couple of recent requests, I will be doing some basic presentations this week.

I hope that each of you are inspired by the work that I am doing, and that it leads you to learning about the myriad influences that has shaped this world that I am experiencing right now.

Also, I would hope that you are inspired to look at the prompts and questions, the experiences and insights, that have shaped who you are. I hope that you will craft video in the way that I have, that my actions will be the beginning of a new way of sharing with each other, and I hope that I will get a chance to learn about you, and who you are today, and what shaped this expression of yourself in the world, through your videos, through the courage that I know you are all capable of, to reveal the most tender and open parts of yourself to the world.

I know that this will change many lives for the better. Let it begin today.


Jonathan Haber

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