What have been the most powerful prompts or powerful questions in your life so far?

Excerpt from a  discussion on the Co-active Network

Think of the moments that have most influenced you, and shaped who you are.

The moments within which you have learned something fundamental, not through your thoughts, but through the experience…. an upwelling of the experience of understanding….

Think of the most influential teachers, and the questions that they have asked you…

Feel free to leave the context out of your response… and just feed us and our curiosity…

And feel free to leave a sequence of questions as well… if that is what has most potently left you wide open and awe inspired.

Jonathan Haber B.A. Cmt

– – –

I’ll start with a few of mine…

Who are you?

What are you?

What happens through you?

What are you ready to know?

What are you ready to learn?

– – – –

Are you capable of taking full responsibility for your life?

Are you willing to?


– – – –
What stands in the way of living your purpose fully right now?

Are you capable of releasing that?



= = = = = =
Take your personal vision

See it

Expand the scope of it

Notice where you are at now

What is the most direct path forward?

Are you capable of choosing that?


= = = = = = = =

Jonathan Haber B.A. Cmt

– – –

And a couple more

Who aren’t you?

Be that.

Express that.

Exaggerate that.

– – – – –

Is that true?

Can you absolutely know that is true?

What happens when you believe that?

Who are you without your story?

Turn it around…

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Where do you seek security?

Who are you when you are seeking security through your relationships?

How do you show up?

How do you relate to money when you seek security through it (or her/him)

How does that affect its flow?

– – – – – –

Who do you seek approval from?

What does that cost you?

Woud you be willing to release your desire for approval?

– – – – – – – –

Zoom out

Take the birds eye view

Notice yourself

Notice the relationships at play

Notice whats influencing you

Notice what you are in relation with

What do you see?

Now look from this perspective… (more)

– – – – – – –

I hope I sparked your curiosity… and I hope you spark ours…

This post is dedicated to evoking wonder…

Jonathan Haber B.A. Cmt

– – – –

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

–Laura Poole

– – – –


Reminds me of another version of your quote —
“What would you do if you knew that you were safe and you were loved?”

One of my favorites: “What is the impact I want to have?”

“Am I successfully having that impact?”

“How do I know?”

Lynda Austin


– – –

Thank you Laura and Lynda… I love your responses. With a big smile on my face I thank you both.


– – –
One of my great teachers (even though I never met the man) is Joseph Campbell.

He used to ask his students at Sarah Lawrence what can only be described as an unimaginable question.

It was something to the effect of, “If you suddenly lost your job, all that you own, and everyone you loved in a horrendous disaster……. what would you live for?”

Not exactly the sort of thing you would lay on the average client, but certainly something worth a ponder.


Steve Mitten CPCC, MCC

– – –
Here’s one that a coach led me to, based on Byron Katie, I think: Is this (thought) speaking to my magnificence or my limits?

Joan Zimmerman

JCZ Affiliates Inc

– – –
I love yours Joan! Mine’s a bit different, I was with my Dad and his friend (both retired)and they were reminiscing about working hard and how little sick time they had off work, even when it sounded like they really sick.

Then my Dad’s friend said that when he looks back on it now he thinks “what was it all for?”

This shocked me into changing my life’s direction as I was heading down the same road and the thought of looking back at their age with regrets was not appealing at all!

In love, light and abundance x x x

Personal Business and Success Coach

– – –
One question I ask myself quite a bit is “For the sake of what?” Whatever choices I make or actions I take in my life hopefully meet the criteria of having impact and or meaning for myself and/or others.

Dr. Dan Kaufman

– – –
re: “If you suddenly lost your job, all that you own, and everyone you loved in a horrendous disaster……. what would you live for?”


This is a really good one. What prompted my initial post was a new project I have undertaken. I am creating a mindmovie (mindmovie.com for more info) that asks me potent questions… the questions that have shaped who I am by sparking the transformative process.

The questions that have rocked me, causing all to fall away, and left me bare, naked, bewildered…

…and yet open, alive, and with refreshing perspectives that seem to change everything…

This is one of those questions… and I will include it in my Mindmovie and see what happens…

And to everyone out there in the co-active network, a mind movie is a video that you make for yourself that includes your affirmations, stated in the present, with photos after each one (usually), and well chosen music in the background.

If the law of attraction works, then Mindmovies are a tool for bringing the process of applying the law of attraction into our lives more easily. Its a lot easier to start my day off and end it with attention on my personal vision if its in a movie backed by my favorite music.

I have movies for what I am choosing to call forth in relationship with the feminine, my personal invocation for life, and my tangible goals for 1 and 3 months out.

In the process of creating these movies, I have found my vision changing, certain things really move me, and I expand on them, and certain things don’t – which get dropped.

It brings tears to my eyes to witness the process of these false personal visions falling away.. visions that I have put so much energy into already in my life…

what this means to me is that I am getting closer….

Also fun to note is that “the secret” and other law of attraction pop education tends to leave out a major component of the process of manifestation, as I have experienced it.

The acknowledgment of internal resistance, how to clear it.

Everything from emotional releasing, personal inquiry, recognizing and releasing attachments, and applying tools for energetic clearing like EFT must be directly relevant to the process of manifestation, if it in fact has value to us.

To balance this out, starting my morning practice with the questions that rock my world helps me to clear out the clutter on all levels of myself, and to shift my state of mind to one which is open, curious, alive, integrated, and whole – or so it seems.

From this place I move into my invocation… the video that outlines that which I am calling forth in my life.

Then, if I am including my relationship video, I use that, and then I go into the specific, tangible, action oriented and time sensitive videos…

The first video is absolutely the most profound aspect of this work, and it rocks me to my core almost every time I watch it. I draw deeply from my personal toolbox to clear the stagnancy within myself that it reveals…

And one of the emerging personal visions from this practice is the desire to share it… the evolving content of the initial video…

It reminds me daily of the most powerful moments of my life, and what I learned from it..

And when I picture how I could expand the scope of how I am sharing with the world, I see that initial video expanded into 3 hour and weekend trainings…

Practical Philosophy

I have shivers running up and down my body as I write this..

By the way, so far, the manifestation videos have been working. After only 2 weeks of using them I have found myself staring at a handful of cash, a large stack of money in my hand… and been offered a really great job working for one of the worlds most desired speakers on the art of leadership.

I am deeply grateful for these tools and revelations, and I will continue to share my experience through this site and my blog (jryanhaber.wordpress.com)

Blessings to all of you, may your world fall apart, open you to the flower within, and way we all allow the unfoldment of grace to move through us, to move us, to shower us with the potency that life offers.

Jonathan Haber B.A. Cmt

– – –
I love the emphasis on meaning that I have seen in a couple of the responses here. “What is it all for?,” “What is this for?”

To me, the possibility opened by this question is that of helping me to see more clearly the motive that my desire/vision/goal emerged from and was instigated by.

The challenge that this illuminates is the following…
what if my goals are based on something that is not true?

Example… what if I believe that by creating enough income I will be free of financial insecurity?

that I can actually address my desire for security through my circumstances?

through my relationships?

In total honesty, I often try to control my circumstances, people, cashflow, and myself because I desire security.

However, what if the root of my desire for security does not lie in my circumstances?

How fully do you feel your sense of “needing more security” after meditation, yoga, or potent creative expression?

Why does it change?

The reason I point to this is because I truly wonder if the way we interpret our experiences is based on anything rooted in truth. What if our interpretations of our experiences are based solely on our filters?

These questions support me in wondering about the “meaning of life.” Some of my teachers insist that all meaning is manufactured…

If that is true, then how do we clear the interpretive structures of our minds, so that our motives, and from them – our goals, visions, and aspirations, are aligned with what is most true?

Though I have opinions on this, it is definitely one of my edges, and I would love to hear other perspectives on this, So I’ll open this up to the group.

Consider also, what have been the experiences that you have had that have illuminated your response and led you to your current positioning here.

Does our life have meaning aside from that which we give it?

What tools help you explore this?


Jonathan Haber B.A. Cmt

– – –
Also, I will add…

At one point during my travels I found myself in a workshop led by a Hungarian Mystic. He had the group sit in Diad, acknowledge our motives, and set them aside.

To be more clear, I sat in front of someone I did not know. Locked eyes with them, and noticed what motives came up for me. When one came up, I spoke it out loud, took it in my hands (using some imagination), and set it on an imaginary shelf next to me.

We did this for 5 minutes.

Can you imagine how that affected me? Consider it.

Jonathan Haber B.A. Cmt

– – –
I love asking clients “Where are you being a fraud?” “What lies are you buying into?” Simple yet confronting. There follow up with “What are you going to do about it?” Next, get them to commit to one action this week with a consequence if they don’t complete. Execute the consequence and make it painful.
Bob Davies
– – –
Great ? (Question)

As an Independent Trainer/Consultant I know questions are really important. One of my favorite books A Year of Living Consciously Gay Hendrick has an entry that begins with this post:

“What are you pretending not to know”
Graffiti Discovered in the Harvard Business School

As a Quaker we also love questions. Due to this comfort we actually use questions to help us further our spiritual journey.


Lisa Fields

– – –
I like:

“What is your most believed thought, right now”.

The phrasing in this question is deliberate. It alerts the client to the fact that their thoughts and belief systems may alternate in terms of believability dependent on their life situation.

In other words, it’s not true until you say it’s true.

Sometimes the answer to this question surprises even them.

Nice thread.

Mary Rosendale

– – –
This week the question, “Are you coming from your fear or from your magnificence?” has really opened me up.
When I notice that I’m getting all wrapped up in some negative thoughts or feelings that quesiton breaks through the negativity and either gets me to laugh or to point my mind and my energy in a different direction.
-Cynthia Bishop
Cynasure Coaching
– – –
Hi Jonathan and all,

Through the coaching methodology that I use – Structural Alignment (TM), truth is at the bottom or core level, followed by vision, followed by purpose.  Unless they are in perfect alignment, conflict shows up.
Accordingly, the truth level is the key to helping someone. Unfortunately, most people confuse desires and goals with the experience they want to have. Oftentimes, what people want will not bring them happiness or fulfillment because it doesn’t address or isn’t anchored in their truth.
The most common example – When asking the average person, what would make you happy? You can only imagine that most people answer $1 million and then I could do whatever and not have to worry about anything. In many of the coaching conversations that I hear, the coach believes that the client wants a lot of money and then strategizes on how to make that happen.
In Structural Alignment coaching, we examine the truth of that statement until it becomes apparent that money is only one way of manifesting, but in actuality, what people are really wanting is freedom and peace. Until we figure out what the EXPERIENCE people want to have (vs how it might manifest), the coaching will simply meet goals but never truly address the root and thus, true satisfaction will not be attained. ONce we know the truth, then we can look at various ways that a client might find happiness and fulfillment and it’s not necessarily in the one way they imagined…
I’m a firm believer in looking for the discrepancy. What isn’t adding up? Based on the conversation, a question arises that addresses the disconnect.
As for meaning of life that you pose – I agree with your teachers – that it’s all made up. All of our ideas, thoughts and beliefs arise are through our filters and we believe them to be true, but in the bigger picture, how can they be? We’ve manufactured who we are, who we think we are, etc…
Best regards,
– – –

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