Reflections on Manifestion and MindMovies

This is an update for my community

Quick Update for my Circle

I learned how to make videos that are designed to accelerate the process of calling forth that which I am choosing to create in my life.  I created my first video, and through the process of refining it, I learned alot about myself, about my passions, about which of my “goals” were most inspiring to me.

I guess I have always known that I was shutting down my passion for creative expression, singing, guitar… I had an aversion based on the old “broke musician” adage.  Interesting.

Since I began the process of creating video (which Is really easy,) I have learned how to craft my words so that they are the most effective at supporting me in creation.  I wish I was ready to share my initial video with you all, it is so amazing.  Perhaps I will be soon.

Having learned how to create videos easily, with music, headlines that fade in and out, and photographs to light up the visual intelligence of my mind, I have created 7.  I made the initial one, all about the biggest possible vision I could muster for myself… I made 2 others, one covering the goals I want to achieve in the next 3 months, and one for my 4 week goals.  I made one for my coaching offering and one for my guitar lessons and personal inquiry offering, the latter has been posted to youtube and I am working on a second evolution for it.

And I just made one for relationships.  In the process I reaffirmed, this time experientially, that my desire to call forth something specific for a partner is an expression of the dualistic part of my mind.. a desire to control what comes to me and how people show up.  I learned that I could use what I want to decide who I must become, and I remembered that by reframing my affirmations for what “we are committed to” to what “I am committed to,” that I am fully claiming my power and trusting that the universe will handle the rest.

I realized this when I was watching my video, and noticing what was inspiring and what was not about what I had created.

The net effect of these creations is that I have a clear outline for the reconditioning of my mind, and a context for creating internal alignment.  In other words, when I watch the movie, I get a shot at clearing the emotional/energetic blocks to what I have written being my reality… its like coaching in a way… just solo.

I have a really great feeling about this…


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