How to realize your purpose in 6 easy steps

What you will get out of this article is an authentic opportunity to realize your purpose, as well as a reality check if you are committed to staying in the dark.  Either way, I hope it serves you.


  • The Gatekeeper
  • The Process
  • Where it came from

The Gatekeeper

This document is for people who are ready for it. If you think you are ready to know what your purpose is, ask yourself. “Am I ready to learn what my purpose is?”

If you feel a full bodied “yes” then I personally congratulate you. Please move on to the process.

For those of you who do not, I present to you 2 doorways.
1) you can own fully that you are interested in continuing forward without this knowledge, and that the reciprocation of that is your own creation.

If you choose this door, the process and decision of taking full responsibility for what you are creating will get the wheel turning on its own. You will return to this question.

2) You can own fully that you are not interested in knowing your purpose, and participate in the exercise anyway. The part of you which is not ready does not have to be the part of you who makes this decision.

If you choose this doorway, take whatever stands in the way of an authentic realization of your self, and use your imagination to summon that into a ball in your hand. Take your time, breath, notice what it feels like, and then let it go. Repeat the question now. Am I ready to know?

For those of you who are stuck at this step

If you are interested in putting responsibility for your life on someone else, or on your circumstances, then you are not who this article is designed for. If you want to believe that your circumstances are what would need to change in order for yourself to be “ready” to learn… then you are probably not interested in honest feedback.

For the rare case that is, this is what I would have to say. Know that you are probably going to continue to experience exactly what you have been, in a very circular fashion, until something changes within this very internal leverage point. In the process of breaking this pattern, the next step is to own that you are not ready to take responsibility. Ask yourself what it would take to own your choice to be a victim. This is one of the most direct paths out of this cycle.

The Process

1) Get out a blank piece of paper
2) Write on the top of it, my purpose is…
3) Say the words: “my purpose is…”, and notice what comes up
4) Write down what you notice without filtering it… just the first thought or sensation

5) Use the Sedona method to Identify which basic desire is associated with your answer and release it.  I created a guide to learning the basics of the Sedona Method in case its new to you.  If it is, click here to learn what you need to know to complete this exercise.

6) Start the sentence again and write down what comes up without filtering it…
7) Identify the basic desire and release it again.

Repeat as many times as you need to until you reach an answer that rocks your world.. in which your heart opens and and your body responds with an emotional release.

That is your purpose.

Where this practice came from

I found an exercise on “how to discover your purpose in 20 minutes” yesterday, and this morning, when I woke up, I decided to try it out. Drawing from my toolbox, I used the Sedona Method to accelerate it.

My first answer was “to come to life,” and I realized quickly that this answer was informed by my desire to seek approval. I had a self image that was fed by the acknowledgment I got for my facilitation of some really intensive workshops designed to open the parts of us that we shut down, and to provide a direct experience of the full range of aliveness available to us as human beings.

I smiled and released my attachment to receiving approval, and then I asked myself the question again. I continued in this fashion, noticing the influence that my basic desires had on my answers, and noticing also which answers seemed closer to the truth. I put stars next to them.

Then I hit the answer that broke my heart wide open. Why? I wonder that myself. Perhaps I have never given myself permission to live by it. Perhaps I have always known, but chosen instead to live by ideals that other people have laid out. Perhaps even, I have chosen to live “safely,” by noticing very intently what it was that my role models respected and adopting those as ways of being, rather then continuously allowing myself the experience of my most aware, most aligned way of being.

For whatever reason, the answer that came to me was

“To dance with wildness, sing from my heart, open my mind, and allow life to express itself through me”

On an earlier answer which seemed close to being on track, there were the words…

“to live as if this is the last day of my life.”

So I combined the two:

“To dance with wildness, sing from my heart, open my mind, and allow life to express itself through me; to live as if this is the last day of my life.”

The benefit that I seem to get from looking at these words is probably unexplainable. Every time I glance at them my body gets the chills.. and I seem to be looking away from them… worried about what it means to have this in front of me…

Worried about the end of what I knew as familiar… safe…

As I write this, I realize that it would do me service to use appreciative inquiry to build this out a bit. If you are not familiar with appreciative inquiry, consider this a personal invitation to look it up and learn it. It really helps to snap us out of linear, cause/effect thinking, and to provide additional streams of creativity and opportunity.  I wrote an article that provides a basic understanding of it here.

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