New Pages Added

  • There are a couple of new articles and web pages that I added over the past couple of days. Feel free to link to them or post them on your blog, or to use the articles as a reference point with your clients. This is an outline of them…


  • How to Build your Practice: 3 essential secrets from the front lines
    • This is a writing that I created in response to a post on the co-active coaching network forum. It outlines a couple of must-know secrets in the building of a thriving practice.
  • Lasting Love; what does it take?
    • This is a reflection of what it takes to create lasting love. It illustrates the essential distinction between looking outside of ourselves to receive love, and looking within to remove the obstacles to the direct experience of self-love.


  • Coaching for Building Your Practice
    • This is an outline of how I use coaching to support individuals in building their client base. Please forward this link to anyone you know who is interested in generating more revenue by getting more clients.
  • Influences
    • This is an outline of the main influences to my coaching style. I will do my best to illustrate the relationships between these philosophies in my future blog entries.
  • Sample Session Signup
    • This is where you would go to learn about receiving a free sample of coaching with me. There is no obligation, and you will get a sense about the value that is possible in a coaching relationship

Blog Entries

  • Awareness, Presence, Being: Integrating Inner Work with Coach Training
    • For coaches and counselors, this article illustrates the relevance of inner work in coach training, the costs when it is ignored, the benefits of integrating it.
  • 8 Ingredients to Creating a Successful Blog Entry
    • This blog is for individuals who are interested in writing blog entries for others to read and learn something from.
  • How to realize your purpose in 6 easy steps
    • Seriously.  This is a great tool
  • The Sedona Method; Introduction, a Practice, and tools for letting go
    • This article is for individuals who want to learn the basics of the Sedona Method in its practical application. The benefits that I have gotten from working with this tool are manifold.
  • Practical Enneagram Application in Self Coaching
    • This blog entry is a practical look at how we can apply the principles of the Enneagram in our self inquiry, and our Self Coaching pursuit. It contains perspectives on the process of coming into the full expression of our essential nature and an experiential practice.
  • Insights, Momentum, Aliveness… Journal from an Inspired Man
    • This blog entry contains an introduction to Appreciative Inquiry and some reflections on the business development side of launching a personal practice, as well as a glimpse of the unfoldment of my personal sense of direction and purpose.
  • Resource for Goal Setting, Goal Tracking and For Coaches
    • This blog entry is an introduction to GoalTribe, a new resource for coaches and individuals interested in support with Goal Setting, Goal Tracking, and Support.
  • Working with Creative Energy
    • This is a fun and potent look at a personal experience of letting go and dropping more deeply into my sense of self…
  • Unlocking “The Secret” – inquiry into the missing keys
    • This is a snapshot of the opportunity presented by the popular dissemination of information about “the law of attraction.”
  • 3 Part Integrative Personal Practice for Healers, Coaches, Facilitators
    • This is an overview and history of my personal daily practice, including where it came from and a guide to crafting your own. It looks at themes like personal alignment, purpose, learning to release attachments, and the resolution of past traumas.
  • Invoking Grace in Ones Personal Unfoldment
    • This article is a call to action for coaches, counselors, and facilitators. It illustrates 4 key principles to holding space consciously, non-linear perspectives on healing and resolving ones conditioning, and an introduction to the possibility of effortless unfoldment as a way of relating.

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