Resource for Goal Setting, Goal Tracking and For Coaches


  • Introduction to Goaltribe

Wow. I am really impressed with this new Site. They call themselves goaltribe and it is a functioning system for tracking goals, troubleshooting, creating alliances, and creating forward momentum on goals for clients.

The system is also set up for coaches, you can track your clients, watch their level of success on goals they undertake, offer constructive feedback when they falter, and support them in the process of their unfoldment between sessions.

I spoke with the founder today, and he is quite a visionary. To me, this site is amazing. It makes it easier to track my own goals, it holds me accountable with emails, and he is working on additional functionality that will support individuals in moving through difficult moments with a forum that they can post to their allies and to coaches.

With the release of the forum, coaches can post their responses and build trust with new clients, they can look at what other coaches are saying and which feedback is most useful, and they can see what the client base is bringing as primary problems and craft educational resources to address these things.

Really, really impressive. I am going to stay plugged in with the owner and watch the development unfold.

If you are a coach, get signed up and check it out. If you are an individual with your own goals, try it. Its really, really powerful.

Here is a direct link to the site.

For coaches

For individuals who are not coaches




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