Insights, Momentum, Aliveness… Journal from an Inspired Man


  • Checking in to my community
  • Appreciative Inquiry (what it is and an example from my life)
  • Journal on my personal experience; launching a coaching practice, building out a business foundation
  • The unfoldment of my personal sense of direction and purpose

Checking in to my community

I am checking in today with a lot of excitement, lightness, and some playfulness. Life is well. I give myself credit for not letting my circumstances get me down. While I found out today that I did not get into the masters program that I have been really, really hopeful around, I also found a wonderful opportunity to practice appreciative inquiry through it.

This blog post is designed to be an introduction to Appreciative Inquiry, using my experience with it today as an example. This post also relates the way I chose to respond to this situation and what came up for me to the teachers that have influenced me, and to those I am interested in working more with.

This post will be useful to anyone, but especially to those who are interested in doing inner work, and in claiming the rewards that lie within that.

Appreciative Inquiry (what it is and an example from my life)

To me, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is about taking what is, and looking at it from a perspective that is most useful. When I opened the letter from CIIS and read that I was not accepted, with no explanation… my heart sank. And where I give myself credit is in how I responded. I looked at three main questions about the situation I was facing…

Appreciative Inquiry

1) What can I choose to appreciate about this experience?

2) What opportunities does this open up?

3) What can I learn from this?

So, here is a snapshot of what I learned.

1) What can I choose to appreciate about this experience?

I can choose to appreciate the opportunity to experience my humility… What I most lost through this experience is the validation that It would have given me to be a student at CIIS in their Masters Program.

I can choose to appreciate the free time that this situation opens up for other creative endeavors. I am in the midst of launching a coaching practice; business development, marketing strategy, niche clarification, the structuring of my offerings… the free time and creative energy that this opens up can be redirected towards the other areas of my life that are also inspiring to me. I can continue to study the “get clients now” curricula, and to share it with others.

2) What opportunities does this open up?

This opens up more time and space to focus on my Personal Integrative Practice, to focus on my counseling abilities through the radical counseling program, and to focus on my desire to become a yoga teacher through the Anusara teacher trainings.

The Radical Counseling Program is pretty unique, and to me it seems to be one of the better deals around for coaches and facilitators to refine their abilities.

The Anusara Teacher Trainings are intensive, 1 year programs that are focused on Anusara Yoga, which gives emphasis to using ones personal yoga practice as a metaphor for the art of living fully, and which also emphasizes opening ones heart in their practice.

I was introduced to the practice by Daniella in Los Gatos, CA. She is incredibly gifted at facilitation and teaching yoga, and leads retreats to Bali every year, and Costa Rica is being added to her offerings this year. I highly recommend her work.

3) What can I learn from this?
Through this experience, I can recognize how attached I was to being successful at my endeavor to get into the program, and I can notice what feels like its missing.

Rather then actually having lost something, what is more likely is that I have lost whatever image of the future I held on to. Eckhart Tolle Teaches about this in all of his books, especially “A New Earth.”

Rather then clinging to what I had hoped for, I can recognize what Image I held and through that, learn about who I am trying to be, who I am trying to present myself as.

In all of this, I can learn about that which is not truly who I am, and I can release that, as well as my attachment to it. This is a practice of the art of letting go, above all else.

My appreciation goes out to the individuals who introduced me to the art of releasing my attachments. I learned this wonderful practice through a book called The Sedona Method.

Another opportunity that this represents is one of learning about what it is that CIIS looks for in their applications and to refine the documents that I sent to them in the process of applying.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Journal on my personal experience; launching a coaching practice, building out a business foundation

So that’s an appreciative inquiry look at how my day started out. This is a look at how my day panned out… In the early morning I awoke and did my morning practice. I settled in quickly to my work and hashed out a list of potential referral sources that I could look into. I looked at who I want to work with most, which came out to be coaches, healers, and facilitators.

I looked at what my personal genius is and what niche would be most suited to it. This was a really fun inquiry that I would love to share more about soon. I also finished up preparing my 28 day marketing strategy, including creating a system for tracking my goals that will send me morning emails with my actions to be completed. (that’s Goaltribe). I have created my 28 day marketing strategy with the “Get Clients Now” Book, which I also highly recommend.

The unfoldment of my personal sense of direction and purpose

Finally, and probably the most inspiring facet of my work, was the creation of an outline that breaks down the fundamental cornerstones of the work that I do as a coach. I took out a mindmanager map, and I mapped out the primary influence of the work, where I learned them, and the overarching synthesis of them emerged in the process.

I took the foundation stones and worked up from there, marking out the challenge of our times that they relate to, and through an understanding of the personal changes and insights that came from them, I outlined why individuals would be interested in learning from them.

To expand on the map I opened audible, an audio recording device, and spoke about each of the aspects as If I was doing a presentation of the coaching model that I developed to a group of curious listeners. The next step for developing this involves learning how to upload the audio to this blog, creating web pages for the offerings, and then creating custom pages that introduce the application of this style of coaching for each of the relevant areas.

I am guessing that I will be working with coaching for better relationships, coaching for financial freedom, coaching for building a practice, and coaching for an experience of wholeness and integration. The final is by far the most interesting to me, but since there is a strong demand for the first 3, and since the coaching model is directly applicable, I plan to market each of these niche areas for now.

I am really, really thrilled at the opportunity that this foundation laid today presents. From here, I can begin to craft weekend workshops that train coaches, healers, and facilitators, drawing from all of the influences that have contributed to my personal and interpersonal development.

The workshop curricula will support individuals in doing their inner work, cultivating a state of being, coming into an expression of their wholeness, opening to the full experience of aliveness, calling forth a direct experience of their interconnection, integrating the incompletions of their lives, and in learning how to more deeply and effectively facilitate this for others.

This work inspires me so deeply I wont try to give it words. Rather, I will allow it to keep brewing, and when the time is right, I will take out my guitar, open my heart, release whatever stands in my way, and express myself like I was born to do… express the culmination of my life’s work, express the falling away of old notions of self, old notions of my personal limitations, express the full range of my aliveness…

Give thanks for this opportunity to share and be heard. May your strength guide you…



Inspired Life Coach


2 thoughts on “Insights, Momentum, Aliveness… Journal from an Inspired Man

  1. Jonathan,

    Thanks for your inspiration. I happened(?) across your work through the CTI Coactive network – first viewing your Guitar Lessons & Creative Inquiry video on youtube; then visiting your site. You’ve given me relationship inspiration in the form of your appreciative inquiry. And given me business/coaching practice inspiration through your appreciative inquiry about not being accepted into the CIIS program. Powerful tools and courageously expressed. Thank you.
    May your work fulfill your visions!!

  2. You are welcome, Cheryl. I can’t describe how much I appreciate your feedback, and the knowledge that these words have contributed to your day. Please continue to visit this site and let others know about it.

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