Working with Creative Energy


  • Reflections on my personal experience resisting what is and letting go
  • Reflections on what I am most deeply wanting in this life experience
  • An Invitation

Reflections on my personal experience resisting what is and letting go

The other day I found myself unconsciously getting into my car to head into town. Grabbing the keys my awareness expanded and I realized that I might be running away from something. Eckhart Tolle’s words came into my head… “We spend most of our time trying to find a moment that is better then this one.” I realized that I was playing the old habit that I knew of seeking that which would be better then what I had… I broke the pattern and settled in for a really sweet night. Ten minutes later I found my sister sitting next to me. She looked me in the eyes and asked “Where are you putting your creative energy right now?” I had asked her to prompt me, knowing that I had internal frustration about something… and knowing that moving all the way into my sense of contraction… the frustration and sadness… I could create a platform for expansion. I worked the practice like I usually do… sitting in a state of wonder… allowing the question to work its way into my body, sustaining eye contact. At some point I connected to something… went all the way into it, and found my body contracting physically. I explained that about 80% of my life energy went into resisting what is, and that another 15% of it went into playing out false persona’s. I spoke to my frustration that I was working with a mere 5% of my creative energy, and laughed at what I show I could put on with just that. Going further into the experience I allowed my body to be an expression of my frustration. She asked the next question. “Where would you like your creative energy to be going?”

As I allowed this question in I experienced a release of sorts… a deep sigh, an expanding of all parts of my being… and a calm, subtle emptiness. All at once I experienced something brand new. Arising from somewhere beyond my mind for the first time I can remember… 5 words came. “I want to wake up.”

Reflections on what I am most deeply wanting in this life experience

I want to wake up. I want to experience myself as me, so fully, that my experience becomes a light-tower… As I write about it I am re-experiencing it to some degree, and shivers are running up and down my body. Practices like this inspire me. They take the experience that I am having throughout my day and sink it so fully into my body that I feel whole again. It is very much like a state of remembrance. Through these experiences I remember who I am, what I am wanting, what it feels like to be free from wanting, what I feel like in my essential expression. I taste my deeper dreams and I taste a yearning for my development.. for my personal awakening. I want this for you. The practices that I have studied may or may not be relevant for the creation of that which you most deeply seek in life. Just as I am invited to experience my deeper sense of being-ness through the dance that I call my life…

An Invitation

You are invited to join me. I share my practice in tele-conferences regularly, and I share some of the other tools and methodologies in my toolbox in workshops and extensive trainings. Voice your support and interest and we will work together.


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