Article 2 in the Conscious Coaching Series – Unlocking “The Secret” – inquiry into the missing keys


  • Unlocking “The Secret” – inquiry into the missing keys
  • What the movie did well
  • The opportunity that this presents
  • In Summary

Unlocking “The Secret” – inquiry into the missing keys

When I first watched “The Secret” I was really interested in the tools and perspectives they presented, but in practice, I was disappointed. After speaking with my friends, I found that I wasn’t alone. Many of us tried to use the “law of attraction” to get what we wanted, and most of us realized pretty quickly that as we focused on what we wanted, we found ourselves bumping up against resistance in different forms. This document is a snapshot of what the movie did well, who they aimed their message at, and some of the keys that I discovered in my endeavor to unlock “the secret”.

What the movie did well

The movie covered the law of attraction, placed it in different contexts to create a clear understanding, and shared how it could be put into use. Reading Integral Psychology by Ken Wilber I learned to see human development in stages, and one could say that this film was aimed at individuals in some of the earlier stages of development, emotionally and spiritually. For those individuals, it provided a taste of what is possible, a calling to learn more, and in essence, a rather hollow shell to work with. Follow up would need to happen in an experiential learning environment, which many of the contributors to the movie also offer.

The opportunity that this presents

The opportunity presented by the widespread dissemination of the information in the movie “The Secret,” is what gets my attention. There are those of us who are interested in applying this tool to get what we are after, but whom are also interested in learning how to do so with ease, with grace. There are those of us who are not satisfied with an intensification of the physical contraction that we associate with looking outside of ourselves to try and resolve our internal stresses and disharmony.

There are those of us who recognize that in order to call forth the grandest possible visions for ourselves we need to think outside the box. And there are those of us who know that opening to the contraction that we experience around our biggest dreams can be a launching pad for what is new, for what is next. For us, the individuals in this community who have done some inner work, who have managed to develop our emotional and instinctual intelligences, who have chosen to turn and face our shadow… for us, there must be a more comprehensive way of understanding “The Law Of Attraction.”

One of the opportunities presented by this movie and its apparent focus on the mainstream community is that there are many people who saw the film, talked about it, worked with the aspects, and were eventually frustrated and over it. There are many of us who would like to imagine that we can take some value from the work and integrate it with the other tools that are functioning for us.

And in this, there is an opportunity for providing that education to our growing community. To the coaches, the healers, the yogis, the spiritual seekers.

In Summary

This is something that I am interested in, and in future writings and on Teleclasses, I intend to share more and more of my experiences and what I am learning from them. I hope that this will be disseminated to those who would find it useful, and would support others in a further exploration of the “Law of Attraction.”


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