101 Ways to get more coaching clients

Want to get Coaching Clients Fast?

“Blessings, Friends.

The following is an excerpt from a discussion on the coactive coaching network.  It’s for coaches who want more clients, and it is a collaborative work that many coaches contributed to.   Please let me know which ones are your favorites, and please add your suggestions as well.   I’ll offer the same.”  Jonathan Haber, B.A. CMT


* Create a Youtube Channel and utilize your life experiences as context for revealing what life is teaching you and share that.  *trying this now.

* Host a conference call and facilitate a skill-share, as each coach who their favorite kind of client is and begin promoting each other.

Sample Session

1.      Look in your address book for who you know in areas where coaching could make a powerful impact. Give them a sample session and brainstorm how coaching could impact people in the niche they live or work in. Ask for referrals… or ask them to host a workshop that you’ll lead.

Donate Coaching

2.      What organizations/charities do you donate money to? Donate coaching for the director, board members, clients, members etc. instead.


3.    Have a wine, cheese and coaching party. Invite people you’d like to know better. Taste wine and cheese and demo coaching. Claim clients.


4.      What companies are you considering buying stock in, but you’re not convinced it’s a good investment? Reach out to HR, management, the big cheese, etc… Your sell being that you wouldn’t invest in them until you knew they had a healthy organization with a strong coaching culture. Create a proposal as to how to get there.

Releasing Resistance

5.      Use The Sedona Method to let go of your resistance to success.  (That link is an article on this, This link is a new Virtual Zen Master that integrates the Sedona Method as its primary module… try it out!)







6.      Send one – get one free. To current clients – Send me a client, you’ll get 1 month free.


Raise your rates

7.      If people keep saying ‘NO’… raise your rates!

Get Perspective

8.      Tape yourself asking for the business… listen up. Would YOU hire YOU? If not… make the changes needed and try try again.

Trade Shows

9.      Go to trade shows. NOT as an exhibitor… but to connect with company owners. Find out about their companies, discover their need, then ask for the business.

Use the “Get Clients Now” System

10.  Create a 28 day marketing program using CJ Haydens text “Get Clients Now!” and join an action group to implement it.

Play out of bounds

11.  Step outside your Niche. Go for a client COMPLETELY out of your realm of interest and zone of comfort. Learn what’s available by coaching THIS person, then come up with 10 new ways to market.

Tune in to your state

12.  Cultivate an unstoppable state of consciousness.   *(that link to a guided meditation, or try this system to walk you through it)

New Years Resolution Party

13.  Since the new year is approaching, go to a New Years Eve party and ask everyone how they plan to support their resolution (we are in the business of keeping New Year’s resolutions) (this one is not always relevant)

Coupons and Gifting

14.  Send out coupons for a free session to everyone you know so that they can use them as gifts for friends (A $75 value) (I’m doing this now, I’ll let you know how well it works.)

15.  Go to the largest shopping mall in your area and watch the people all scrambling around during their holiday shopping.  Get curious about their experience and start a conversation with them.

Build Community

16.  Send out flyers to everyone in your neighborhood introducing yourself.  Not only might you be just what a neighbor is looking for, but you get to build community as well.

Create Competition

17.  Create a competition with your friends and family.  Whoever gets you the most referrals, you will donate to their favorite charity in their name.  (this way everybody wins)

18.  Make a goal to pass out 100 cards this month to anyone you meet.  Offer a special gift of coaching for the holidays or New Years, or Arbor day.  Whatever the season, there’s a reason for good coaching.  (I’m also doing this now, I’ll let you know how well it works.)

19.  Create a link with your local gym. Too many people take on working out, but don’t have the commitment to carry through.  (A client of mine is starting to work out and I suggested he create a link with his trainer and myself for accountability.)

20.  The next time a telemarketer calls, ask them how satisfied they are with their job, or what is hard about it, or how do they feel when you turn them down.  Take it from there.

21.  Set a personal goal to do 50 sample sessions in one month.  (I managed to do 26, and over half of them were other coaches.  It’s hard, but fun.)

22.  The next time you get a parking ticket.  Find the officer and thank them for holding you accountable.  Get curious about what it’s like for them.

23.  Donate your services to an auction/ raffle/ contest/ drawing.

24.  Every time you buy something, thank the salesperson with a card and offer a free session.  They can either use it or give it away.  (this works well with #18.)

25.  Offer a reporter from your local paper free sessions in exchange for a write up.  It will not only talk about you, but contain their own personal experience as well.  (work with your own coach on the pressure of “giving them great value under pressure”.)

26.  The next time you’re standing in line (like that never happens shopping) strike up a conversation with the people in front and back of you.  Check in with how their day is going.  Try to work past the standard “Good.  Everything’s fine,” response.  Share with them something that is dragging you down that day, perhaps the drudgery of waiting in line.  Find out what they are struggling with.

27.  When out to eat, Find out what your waiter does besides work at the restaurant.  A lot of times it’s a job to support their passion.  Leave your card with the tip for the waiter.  (What a tip, the money PLUS a $75 value) and let them know you can help them fulfill their passion.

28.  Start up a newsletter for your church/ temple/ monthly spiritual gatherings.

29.  Create or participate in a discussion group that has nothing to do with coaching. But when you share, do it from your Future Self’s perspective.

30.  Write on the bathroom wall “For a good life, call… ”  Just be careful about which bathroom you do this in.

31.  Attend a wine tasting.  When they go into the discussion of how all these different elements of flavors and acid and temperature and oxidation combine to create a perfect balance, whip out your portable “Wheel of life” and note the eerie similarity to the group.

32.  Ask somebody you don’t know, “What’s hard?” and listen to their reply. Don’t worry about asking for the biz, just listen.  Don’t worry about coaching, just listen.  Let them be heard and thank them for the opportunity.  If THEY ask, then you can follow up.

33.  Go to a singles mixer (even if you are married.  But be careful.  You don’t want to give mixed signals and hurt feelings because you are already taken.)  Talk about what’s frustrating for them being single.

34.  While on the plane coming back from vacation, talk with the other passengers about what they’re dreading about returning to work.

35.  While we’re on the subject, take advantage of the layover time in the airport.  You’ll find plenty of stressed out folks who need a chance to let go of stressors.

36.  Develop a referral program from clients…like a frequent flyer program.

37.  Offer a special group session demo at service clubs or a discounted rate for a time period.

38.  Offer a planned workshop package for MBA students especially if you are working with a school that does evening or weekend programs.

39.  Put your business card in self-help books at your local book store or library.

40.  Leave a stack of business cards or brochures offering sample sessions at places where you do business – hair salon, massage therapists, chiropractors, gym, etc…

41.  Host a call for your favorite Co-Active Network Niche, something you’re passionate about, something you need support around or information about, or something you see needed in your community. Be the leader you see needed and notice what shows up. Clients?

42.  Head to the food fair at lunch time and sit at a big table. The tables always fill up and people will need a place to sit. Be inviting and start conversations – then just be your authentic enrolling selves.

43.  Be curious wherever you are, listen, share and most importantly make the offer/invite them to experience coaching.

44.  Find your passion, look at enrolling new clients from this place. A friend, Jack sent me this question, “Do you want customers – an exchange of a good for money or do you want clients – those with whom you develop a long-term mutually beneficial relationship?”

45.  Fight your gremlins about where your clients will come from. Set your intention and put it out to the universe, believe in yourself and that the clients will come – AND THEY WILL COME.

46.  Look at where your intention is inconsistent with your behavior. Are you doing things that are canceling each other out?

47.  When working with clients in career transition, I have them develop a 30, 60, and 90, second intro, so they can let people know what they are looking for. Most importantly I have them practice – SAY IT OUT LOUD OVER & OVER , until it flows naturally. What is you intro? Who is your ideal client? You never know where/when you may come across a person who is ready to hire you as a coach. Be ready at all times, use the version appropriate for the situation. One client found her job on the train (bus/train/plane)

48.  Do you hate “leads” clubs. Start your own networking group and you and all the people you invite can create your own rules (or not).

49.  Book a public speaking gig

50.  For help in booking a speaking gig, contact all of your current and former clients for ideas on organizations that could use you as a guest speaker.

51.  Be a guest expert on someone else’s teleclass.

52.  Offer a teleclass interviewing an expert lots of people want to hear.

53.  Bundle your services with another professional who is selling a package.

54.  Call in to talk radio shows and pitch yourself as a guest expert on a hotbutton topic and/or an unconventional point of view.

55.  Ask yourself, “what would be the most effortless and fun way to get new clients?” before taking a nap.

56.  Drive traffic to your website: make your website search engine friendly by updating your metatags and link exchanges, submit your site to search engine, purchase pay per click.

57.  Go through your 2008 and review all you actually got done this year. Look at how much you have grown this year.

58.  Set a theme for 2009: what do you want 2009 to be about? Invite the universe to surprise you and help you in this.  (I have to comment on this one. This is POWERFUL. It’s about playing with the universe: making a request and holding it loosely while going on with what’s in front of you. This may not be for everyone, but this is where my biggest, “inexplicable” results have come from (the 34 clients in six months, the book).
My theme for 2005 is Travel and Wealth.

59.  Declare Mercury leaving Retrograde as the release you were waiting for! Now you can move forward in your communications and transactions without impediment. (Mercury goes direct on December 20. Huzzah!)

60.  Surround yourself with other successful coaches and offer your help at their functions / workshops. Take coats, greet guests, write name tags, get coffee and donuts. Just be there and ask to be introduced.

61.  Don’t know your niche? Declare one. Make it up. And boldly step into that niche. Put it on your website. Put it on your business cards. I bet there could be some interesting results.

62.  Post some measurable success stories that your clients have achieved in your marketing material. Things that people can relate to. Things like: doubling income, losing 10 pounds and keeping it off, running a marathon, adopting a child, writing a book, etc…

63.  Post some measurable success stories you would like to have your clients achieve. Ask for clients to “apply within”. A bit like the “Volkswagen – Drivers Wanted” ad campaign.

64.  Conduct an information gathering evening or luncheon with people in your niche. Be curious and get to know what they want.

65.  Call someone new each day. Tell them what you are doing, offer a free coaching session, and ask for their business.

66.  Take your favorite hobby, organize an event for others who partake in that hobby, and put a coaching spin on it.

67.  Take the pressure off yourself and your ‘selling’ method by realizing that everyone is not your client.

68.  Sharpen your marketing message by clarifying your value proposition.

69.  Ask, ‘how have I helped my clients achieve their goals?’ What is unique about my coaching? When someone refers a potential client to me do they understand my niche?

70.  Change your ‘selling’ method to asking more questions about what potential clients need and want. Try: “I am a coach with a specialty in (insert your specialty). But, I don’t know if my coaching is right for you. Would it be okay if we talked about what you’re looking for so that we can determine what you need. Then, we can figure out who might be the best person to help you.”

71.  Trust that there are more than enough clients for you to have a terrific thriving business.

72.  Build a speaking/presentation career that highlights your successes with clients, that offers opportunities for learning, and that is entertaining. You will have folks calling you because you make a strong and compelling impression on them.

73.  Hone your marketing/networking message so that your listeners are learning about your specialty. This should be short and sweet, confident and compelling.

74.  Donate your coaching services to your favorite charities. Not only will you be ‘bought’ but hundreds will read your descriptions. It’s the cheapest print marketing available.

75.  Thank those who refer to you as referrals are among the top 3 ways you will grow your business as a coach.

76.  Declare your niche completely.  Get whatever fears or reservations you have out of the way.  Commit fully or don’t bother.

77.  Immerse yourself in that niche.  Find ways to be with those people all the time. Do whatever you can to be in that community.

78.  Listen to the individuals within your niche.  Listen to the words, and listen to the pain that’s underneath the words.  Listen for the big A agenda that’s common to the folks within your niche.  Understand and feel the issues of that community.

79.  See your business not as something to fill individual clients with, but rather a solution to problems, or a catalyst for change within your niche.  Let go of being a life coach who works with ________.  Step into a professional in _______ field, who happens to offer coaching as a way of affecting change within that field.

80.  Let your marketing reflect the issues you see within your niche, and how you help with those issues.

81.  That one is worth repeating: Let your marketing reflect the issues you see within your niche, and how you help with those issues.

82.  Assume that everyone around you is already a true friend.  Approach them with love and curiosity, even when it freaks them out.

83.  Breathe.

84.  Walk naked into a networking event. (or maybe covered with those “sandwich boards” or whatever else you think of).

85.  Hire a plane to write a message in the sky.

86.  Become a cartoonist and make drawings of passers-by with the huge magnificence you see in them.

87.  Invent a coaching ice cream flavor for an ice cream parlor.  Everybody who orders it gets a 12 min. coaching on the spot.

88.  Dress up as a big Santa Claus. Ask adults what they really want for Christmas.

89.  Hairdressers see hundreds of clients every month. Tell your hairdresser about your coaching, get them interested and give them some business cards or posters and ask if they can display them in the shop and tell customers about you. This works!

90.  Restaurants sometimes offer advertising space at the back or within their menus for a small fee. My local one charges £35 per month and donates the advertising money to charity. Pick a popular restaurant with your target clientele.

91.  Fitness & Health centres often have members boards where you can put up an advertisement – Usually free of charge.

92.  Speak to others people in your yoga/pilates or fitness class. Tell them what you do and offer a sample coaching session, give them your card and ask if they’d pass your details on to anyone who may benefit from your coaching.

93.  Health food shops or Organic produce shops often have space for alternative therapists to place their cards or advertising material.

94.  craigslist. put a note under free offering 1 free session

95.  email any communities you are well established in and let them know what you are doing.

96.  carry cards and give them out to random people.

97.  talk to everyone you encounter- be enrolling!

98.  put your card up on bulletin boards in random places.

99.  offer your services in a raffle as a prize

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